Best Photos of 2017

As we near the end of 2018, I was thinking about what my best photos were this year so I could create a post for the website. Strangely, I see I never made a post for my best photos of 2016 or 2017, so I guess I’ll do that now!

Here are my I think are my best photos for 2017. In looking at them, I’m amused to note that six of them feature a lighthouse of some sort.

Duluth Trip - MV Lee A Tregurtha arrives in Two Harbors
The MV Lee Tregurtha rounding the point as she is about to head into Agate Bay in Two Harbors. The Tregurtha has a distinctive steam plume from her stacks. That plume is the result of sophisticated exhaust gas scrubbers that remove a large amount of the sulphur and other particulates that would normally have been emitted from her stack.

Key West Trip - Key West Lighthouse
You know I love lighthouses, and this beauty is the Key West Lighthouse. You are allowed to climb the tower in this lighthouse.

AirExpo 2017 - P-51 Mustang "Barbara Jean" - Sucking Up The Gear
The P-51 Mustang “Barbara Jean” taking off after a visit to the AirExpo in Eden Prairie, MN.

AirExpo 2017 - Corsair on Short Final
The Wings of the North Corsair on final approach at AirExpo 2017.

AirExpo 2017 - Corsair Takeoff - Sucking Up the Gear.
The Wings of the North F4U-5 Corsair cycling her gear up on takeoff. It always fascinates me that the gear does not go up in a synchronized fashion.

Duluth Trip - May 2017 - SS Cason J Callaway Departs Duluth
The MV Cason J Calloway of the Great Lakes Fleet departs Duluth.

Key West Trip - Rooster in the Evening
One of the things I enjoyed about Key West was that there are chickens just wandering around in various places. Right at sunset, the rooster was crowing like crazy.

Duluth Trip - Joyce L Van Enkevort/Great Lakes Trader Approaching Duluth Harbor Entry
The ATB Joyce L VanEnkevort about to enter the Duluth Ship Canal in the evening.

North Shore Trip - Oct 2017 - Massive Waves at Duluth Entry
My wife and I visited Duluth for our birthday and this year we were greated with massive waves from an early fall storm. This photo isn’t even the worst of the waves. The biggest ones had come in about 8-10 hours earlier, but these were spectacular enough for me!

North Shore Trip - Oct 2017 - Waves at Split Rock
The same storm bringing big waves in along the shore by Split Rock Lighthouse.

North Shore Trip - Oct 2017 - Waves Crashing at Cove Point
The same storm bringing in big waves near Cove Point Lodge along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Duluth Trip - Tug Clyde S VanEnkevort/Barge Erie Trader - Nov 2017
The ATB Clyde S VanEnkevort approaching the Duluth Ship Canal in the bright afternoon sun. It was cold that day and the vessel was sporting a layer of ice formed from the spray freezing on her superstructure.

AirExpo 2017 - Redtail Mustang - On the Ramp
Another shot of the Redtail Mustang waiting on the Ramp at the AirExpo 2017.

Ohio Trip - Huron Lighthouse
The Huron Lighthouse in the late afternoon sun. I visited several lighthouses the day I took this. This was the best shot as the weather was really unsettled that day. This lighthouse would be a lot more interesting if it still had the lantern. The lantern was removed when it was automated.