Maddy the Lab Mix

Introducing Maddy the Labrador Mix

A few weeks after Jordan the Golden Retriever died, my family finally came to the conclusion we needed another dog in our house. After much discussion, we decided a puppy wasn’t going to be a good fit in our lives right now, so we settled on trying to find an adult dog that needed a good home. We put out a few feelers and tried to wait for the perfect dog to get dropped in our lap. That lasted a couple of weeks. We got impatient and decided to pay a visit to the Animal Humane Society in Golden Valley to see what they had for adult dogs in the larger varieties. The second dog we met was a black lab mix named Mary Todd. She looks very much like a purebred lab except for her short stature and her extra long ears. Just a guess — but maybe a Lab/Beagle mix? They estimated she was four years old. She had no health problems that they were aware of other than she is very overweight. It was obvious after a few minutes in the visit room with her that she was very sweet and very calm. After 20 minutes with her, we decided she would fit right in at our house so we went through the adoption process.

The first thing we did was change her name. She is now named Maddy. The second thing we did is declare a birthday for her. We decided she turned four on February 15, 2013, so her birthday must have be February 15, 2009. Then we took her home. She is quickly settling into the house. The cats are not happy that we introduced a new dog, but they are very curious about her. Maddy is very curious about them too. She desperately wants to play with them.