North Pier Lighthouse

Duluth North Pier Lighthouse - Fall 2011

The Duluth North Pier Lighthouse was completed in 1910 and marks the end of the north breakwater pier in the Duluth Ship Canal. It originally displayed a flashing white light. It now displays a flashing red light. The red color was added by adding red panels around the existing fresnel lens.

The tower is made of cast iron and was constructed on top of the concrete pier. It was equipped with a 5th order fixed fresnel lens manufactured by Henry LePaute of Paris, France. The lens was lit with an electric lamp and and the flash was provided by an electro mechanical flasher mechanism. The US Coast Guard proposed in May of 2014 replacing it with a modern LED optic and it was replaced a year later. The lens is now on display at the Lake Superior Marine Museum in Canal Park, Duluth, MN.

A Cold Winter Morning in Duluth - Project 365 - 2012 - Day 32
A Cold Winter Morning in Duluth.

Duluth Trip - Oct 2014 - Duluth North Pier Lighthouse
A closeup of the lantern of the North Pier Lighthouse. Note the red panels that surround the lens.

Duluth Trip - April 2019 - Duluth Trip - North Pier Lighthouse Lantern Detail
A closeup of the lantern with the modern LED Optic installed.