Domino Poses

Domino is a kitten we adopted from the Animal Humane Society in Buffalo, MN in October of 2012. She had been a stray along with her momma and siblings. She was just short of two months old when we adopted her. She’s now an adult cat and she surprised us by becoming HUGE. At last weight, she was at least 15 pounds. She is also into absolutely everything. She loves to play, she loves to chase things, she loves to lounge around. She has been a delightful pet except for her one bad habit: She chews on cords. More specifically, she chews on headphone cords. At last count, she has chewed through 19 pairs of headphone cords. I now keep my headphones in a solid plastic (and even water tight) box so that she can’t get at them.

Meet Domino - Our New Kitten
Domino — Not long after we adopted her.