Flurry the Cat - The Day After Christmas

Flurry is a mixed breed cat that was rescued from a farm of an acquaintance. In 2008, My ex-wife found her in a pile of kittens and thought the little fluff of fur was a dead kitten. She picked it up and to her surprise it started to meow softly. The kitten was clearly not dead, but it was very sick. She brought it home.

The next day, we took the kitten to the vet. She was malnourished, dehydrated, had an eye infection, had ear mites, and had a belly full of worms. After lots of love and care, we nursed her back to health and she flourished. Today, she is a sweet, loving adult cat.

So what is with the name Flurry? A friend of ours was trying to describe her and was trying to see, she is fluffy and furry and instead it came out that she was flurry. The name stuck!

For my entire set of Flurry photos, visit this link.

I’ve added a few of my favorites below.

Flurry Keeps Improving
Flurry, as a kitten.

Flurry Finally Runs Out of Energy
Flurry the Kitten runs out of energy.

Flurry the House Cat - Jan 2011
Flurry as a VERY fluffy adult cat.