My Photo in an NTSB Accident Report

A few months ago, a staff member from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reached out to me to ask for permission to use a photo I took and posted to Flickr as part of an accident report they were working on. The report was about an anchor dragging incident with the articulated tug Clyde S. Van Enkevort and the barge Erie Trader. The photo they wanted to use was a photo I took of the tug/barge when it was approaching the Duluth Ship Canal a couple of years back. Since I license most of my photos as Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike, I had no issues with them using the photo, as long as I got photo credit. They were happy to provide me the photo credit, so I gave them permission to use it.

At the end of the May, the report hit NTSB website. You can view the report (and my photo inside of it), by downloading at this link:

The original photo is still posted to Flickr here:

Duluth Trip - Tug Clyde S VanEnkevort/Barge Erie Trader - Nov 2017