Emmet Story #4: Emmet Wets The Bed

OK. So it hasn’t turned out to be a story every day for 30 days. I’m changing it. It’ll be 30 stories about Emmet. Satisfied? Good.

When Emmet was around one and a half, I was regularly taking him with me to my office, which was the Tech Support Office at Hopkins High School. I had set up a bed for him in the corner and his job was to sleep on the bed until I wanted to work with him. Just the act of having him stay on the bed was part of the training.

One late morning, I was sitting at my desk working on my email and I hear Emmet start to move his legs a little and to do a little mini-bark — a noise he sometimes made when he was dreaming. I’ve always thought it was adorable when he did that, so I just chuckled a little to myself and looked back at my computer. The next thing I heard was the sound of water running, which is an odd thing to hear in a technology office. I looked up and saw a stream of pee coming from Emmet — but he was still asleep. He was wetting the bed! I called his name and snapped awake and the stream of pee immediately stopped. He looked at me, then looked down at the bed. He knew immediately what had happened and it was obvious that he was embarrassed, because he got up and slunk over to the other corner of the room and wouldn’t look me in the eye. Poor pup!

That was the one and only time I ever saw or heard him wet his bed.


Emmet had been diagnosed with malignant melanoma in July of 2008. He died on September 27, 2008 of an unrelated condition called GDV, more commonly known as bloat. He was 10 years old. For a photo tribute of his life, click here.

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