Photo of the Week: Domino – Our New Kitten

Meet Domino – Our New Kitten, originally uploaded by pmarkham.

We adopted a new kitten from the Animal Humane Society in Buffalo, MN last week. She was just short of two months old and is absolutely adorable. She had been brought to the Humane Society a few days previously along with her momma and her siblings. Someone had found them and brought them in. We spent an hour trying out various cats, but this little tyke stole our hearts.

My daughter came up with the name. If you didn’t notice she is black and white — like a domino, so it seemed like a good fit.

Our job now is to slowly introduce her to our current kitty, Flurry. The two have seen each other, and Flurry is NOT thrilled about the idea of another cat being her yet. So far all she has done is growled and hissed at Domino. I think if we give her some time, they’ll work it out. In the meantime, when Domino can’t be supervised, she is living in one of the bathrooms in the house where we know she’ll be safe. I’m sure you’ll see LOTS more photos of her over the coming years.